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E. J. Celebrates… LIFE!

E. J. @ Somethin' Jazz Club

  • Friday, November 21, 2014
  • 7:00pm  8:45pm  

Come join E. J. as he flows that luxurious baritone voice and his unique sound across a range of beautiful + swingin' music, on Friday evening, Nov. 21, at 7:00 pm.

E. J. will be joined by friends & amazing collaborators: Chris Bergson on guitar, Ratzo B. Harris on bass and Jacob Melchior on drums, so the music should be special.

There will be songs from all three of E. J.'s albums, including "While The City Sleeps…," the recent "A Job of Work (Tales of the Great Recession)," and his latest work in progress: The Arthur Prysock Project (due out mid-2015), as well as other songs from his extensive grab bag of songs. With amazing jazz guitarist Bergson on board for this night, you can expect the tone to slide much bluesier over the course of the night, as Chris has also just been tapped for early '15 induction into the NY Blues Hall of Fame.

This night also marks the 2nd Anniversary of E. J.'s making it to the far shore after spending two weeks in Intensive Care, fighting off the ravages of a brutal staph infection, which the doctors all agreed he had little chance against, and no business surviving. This date marks the day on which the final battery of tests proved that E. J.'s organs had finally all popped back into place & were functioning normally, proving that he would survive -- to the cheers of the jubilant medical staff! On the next day (Thanksgiving Day that year), E. J. remains certain he was one of the Most Thankful guys around. So, come join us -- seems we have a lot to celebrate!

SOMETHIN' Jazz Club, 212 E. 52nd St. (just east of 3rd Aves), 3rd Flr. 

This intimate room fills quickly, so reservations are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. Call 212-371-7657 or to reserve online , click here.

$12 music charge / One drink minimum.

See you there!