A baritone from the

Eckstine / Hartman / Prysock school...

A New York-based jazz baritone/activist.

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announcing! New music...

The new CD from E. J. Decker

Bluer Than Velvet: The prysock Project

arriving April 13, 2018

Exciting new music from deep-voiced singer / arranger / producer E. J. Decker in fine tribute to one of his core influences — the legendary baritone Arthur Prysock — Now completed and currently in its promotional phase. Reviews are just beginning to appear. Be sure to return often to the Reviews tab above over the next few weeks, as we'll be posting them as we know of them.

Full release is now scheduled for mid-April 2018.

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"A wild set of quiet fire"

"I just love your sound"

"Well thought out and beautifully arranged"

"A warm, passionate punch"



"A strong voice touched by that of Billy Eckstine"

"The whole band smokes"

"Beautiful and swinging..."

"His presentation is lush"

Top photo: Janis Wilkins