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announcing! New music...

The new CD from E. J. Decker

Bluer Than Velvet: The prysock Project

arriving April 2018

Exciting new music from deep-voiced singer / arranger / producer E. J. Decker in fine tribute to one of his core influences — the legendary baritone Arthur Prysock — is now completed and is currently in production, and will soon begin the promotional phase.

The current plan is for a full release in mid-April 2018.

Arthur prysock

Arthur prysock

This collection of songs sung, recorded or inspired by Arthur Prysock explores, but merely hints at, the work of this prolific jazz singer, who today remains woefully under-appreciated. Bluer Than Velvet is a loving mixture of ballads, swing and R&B associated with Prysock, all newly re-arranged by Decker. The album includes tunes only Prysock recorded; standards he had hits with or was long known for; songs he recorded that have also been staples of Decker's working book for years; and even a few songs — while not particularly associated with Prysock — where Prysock's influence on Decker's interpretation and arrangement is unmistakable.

In keeping with E. J.'s long-time quest for low notes, this project showcases a fine array of talents — baritone sax luminary Claire Daly; recent NY Blues Hall of Fame-inductee, guitarist Chris Bergson; Ron Carter-protegé Saadi Zain on bass; emerging trombonist Elizabeth Frascoia; and two E. J. favorites who've appeared on each of his albums to date: pianist Les Kurtz and Tom Melito on drums.

The amazing sound of this album is due to the efforts of two men — recorded by Michael Brorby of Acoustic Studios, Brooklyn, NY, it was then mixed and mastered by Paul Wickliffe of Skyline Productions, Warren, NJ.

Bluer Than Velvet includes Cover photo:        Enid Farber of Enid Farber Fotography and Insert photo: Janis Wilkins, JanisWilkins.com, both of New York City.

Keep an eye out for

Bluer Than Velvet: The Prysock Project!

Coming Soon!

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"A wild set of quiet fire"

"I just love your sound"

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"A warm, passionate punch"



"A strong voice touched by that of Billy Eckstine"

"The whole band smokes"

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"His presentation is lush"

Top photo: Janis Wilkins