A baritone from the

Eckstine / Hartman / Prysock school...

Welcome to the official website of E. J. Decker, a New York-based jazz baritone/activist.

 Here, you'll find music streams from E. J.'s albums & upcoming events involving this tall, big-voiced singer.

We hope you enjoy your stay here. Look around and be sure to bookmark our site.

** NEXT EVENT: Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014 @ SOMETHIN' Jazz Club, 212 E. 52nd St. (east of 3rd Ave.), 7:00 pm. E. J. appears with Joe Vincent Tranchina, piano; Ratzo B. Harris, bass and Jacob Melchior, drums. Be sure to come join us for some warm, low notes as the night gets cooler... For reservations, call 212-371-7657, or online, click here.

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E. J.'s CDs & downloads are available at CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.

A Job of Work (Tales of the Great Recession)


While The City Sleeps...


"A wild set of quiet fire"

"I just love your sound"

"Well thought out and beautifully arranged"

"A warm, passionate punch"



"A strong voice touched by that of Billy Eckstine"

"The whole band smokes"

"Beautiful and swinging..."

"His presentation is lush"

Top photo: Janis Wilkins